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Sauveterre de Rouergue

Patrimonio medieval

Sauveterre was founded in 1280 by Guillaume de Mâcon, marshal of King Philip the Bold. His assignment was to build a bastide where the administrative, legal and commercial affairs of the expanding kingdom of France could be located. He urged families in the area to move to the new city. Each settler received a plot in the city, a small garden and an area outside the city. A market was created and a church and a convent were built for thirty priests. In 40 years, the city crammed full and a lot industrious craftsmen and merchants came living there. The king appointed judges, notaries and lawyers settled down as well.

In 1319, the construction of the towers and the walls around the city were completed, ditches and drainage canals were dug. During the Hundred Years’ War the fort was ceded to the British in 1362, who occupied ot until the expulsion of the British garrison in 1369.

The long period of peace that follows corresponds to the period of prosperity of the city, which will continue until the sixteenth century. The weavers, blacksmiths, knife makers, hatters, tanners, paper makers, goldsmiths worked flax, iron, leather, textiles, stone, clay, wood. Traders from Sauveterre traveled to markets in neighboring areas, upto Montpellier

Even now, in 2016 Sauveterre is an enterprising town. Several artists have their studio or shop. The population organizes numerous festivities, especially in summer. On the square in the middle of the arcades below the houses it is always cozy.

Distancia : desde Clapas 19 km
tiempo de viaje 24 min.

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