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Patrimonio medieval

Rodez is the ancient capital of the Rouergue, a large area that was in the early Middle Ages known for its trade routes between the Mediterranean coast and central France. Rodez (28,000 inhabitants) is still capital, only in a smaller area now, the department of Aveyron.

It is a typical public services town. Less sophisticated and chic than Albi, a real working town. Rodez is beautifully situated on a rocky peak (Parking with view just before arriving at Rodez, coming from Baraqueville).

Sights :

1. Notre-Dame Cathedral of Rodez is built on the foundations of an old cathedral which was already written in the year 516. Around 1300 the construction of the present church began, but because of the plague and the Hundred Years War, the construction stopped for a long time. Only around 1500 it was completed. The architectural style is gothic, but very different from northern Europe. There are Spanish influences visible, as you often see in southern France. The building is constructed of red sandstone. The massive western block, flanked by two massive towers shows, that the church was part of the defense wall of the city in earlier times. The westwork therefore has no gantry. The bell tower, standing at 87 m, is surmounted by a lantern carrying the statue of the Virgin with a choir of four angels. The bell tower is richly decorated and fairy illuminated at night.

The interior of the church is gray, very different from Albi. Very special are the high Gothic windows, by a recent restoration designed  and created by contemporary glass artists and created. Twelve windows are already finished, there’ll follow more. Really worth visiting.

2. At the edge of the fourail (old market just outside the old town) a beautiful modern museum building is risen with the work of the artist Soulages, who was born in Rodez. He is famous throughout the world, except in Northern Europe. He has donated his work to his hometown on the condition that a museum would be built.

3. Haras National de Rodez, is a large complex of six hectares of botanical gardens, multifarious trees, horse stables and accommodation from the 16th century in the heart of the city. Originally intended primarily as a staging point for the numerous pilgrims who were on their way from Conques to Compostella.

Distancia : desde Clapas 46 km
tiempo de viaje 45 min.

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