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Cordes sur Ciel

Patrimonio medieval

Cordes sur Ciel is a bastide town built in 1222. Cordes was one of the many places in south Frakrijk where the Cathars lived. The Catholic Church considered the Cathars apostates because they felt that the church was too much on power and wealth and the true faith was put on a siding. The Cathars were open-minded, peace-loving people, hard workers from diverse populations. They believed that by hard working, good deeds and an irreproachable behavior , you could die in peace at the end of life . Quite different from the heaven and hell theory of the Church of that time.

The Cathars were persecuted by papal armies from the 11th century and slain at the stake. Increasingly they took refuge in the south, where among other the counts of Toulouse and Carcassonne offered them a safe shelter, often in fortified towns which they built themselves. Cordes was one of them. Carcassonne would be later the largest and currently still too admire greatness Cathar town.

The papal armies undertook in the 12th and 13th centuries real Crusades against the Cathars. The last Cathars fled to several castles in the Pyrenean mountains. In 1250 their last refuges were conquered and the last 200 Cathars ended at the stake. In later centuries Cordes was a stop on the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.

Cordes is a very beautiful town with many craft shops. It is a steep climb, but the reward is great above. A breathtaking view, many terraces, sociability. In 2014 Cordes was voted the most beautiful village in France.

Distancia : desde Clapas 36 km
tiempo de viaje 41 min.

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