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patromoine Mediavalle

The village is known as a stop of on the way to Santiago de Compostella. The pilgrims were especially attracted by the relics of St. Foy, a young martyr from the 4th century. The Abbey Church of Sainte Foy dating from the 12th century and is built in the Romanesque style. It contains a famous carved tympanum representing the Last Judgement.

Many church treasures are preserved, partly because the inhabitants of Conques kept hidden the valuable pieces in their homes during the Hundred Years War and the French Revolution. The collection gives a good picture of French goldsmith's art from the 9th to the 16th century and contains some remarkable objects, including the famous statue of Saint Foy from the 10th century.

Church and village were severely neglected during the war and revolution, and even left at some point. After the revolution Conques was rediscovered. In 1837 the author and inspector of the memorial service Prosper Mérimée saved the church from destruction, by insisting on restoration which then continued until 2000. Conques is now inhabited again and restored to its former medieval glory.

Distance : Distance off Clapas 88 km
Travel Time 1h. 30 min.

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