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The royal castle dates to the early 12th century and has always served as a fortress in the service of the Count of Toulouse and later of the French king. The castle is a good example of military defense force of the castle from the early Middle Ages.

The castle has played a key role as a refuge of the Cathars (see explanation at Cordes sur Ciel) and later in the Hundred Years’ War with England. In the prison in the cellars of the castle, the last Templar of the Rouergue (region between the Mediterranean coast and Auvergne) were imprisoned for life.

In the castle you can see a large model showing the extent of the whole fortress turns. There is much to see for children. There is an explanation available in English.

The town of Najac is very picturesque. All houses and buildings stand along the gradually rising winding road to the castle. At the bottom of the town flows the river Aveyron. On the banks various outdoor options such as a large climbing and canoe rental business. By canoe or kayak you can create a peaceful and wilder water ride. Reservations are required!

Entfernung : Abstand von Clapas 34 km
Reisezeit 41 min.

Adresse :
centre ville