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Die Eisenbahnbrücke über die Viaur


The railway bridge over the deep river valley of the Viaur was designed by architect Paul Bodin. The construction of the ‘Viaduc du Viaur’ lasted seven years, from 1895 to 1902. The bridge is 460m long and 116 meters high. The middle arch has a span of 20 meters. 3,800 tons of steel has been used,

This steel bridge consists a lot of steel beams, riveted together with rivets. First two pillars were constructed from which horizontally to either side the bridge deck and the supporting arches were built at the same time, so that the matter remained in balance.

This late 19th century entirely new construction technique was also used in the construction of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Gustav Eiffel and Paul Bodin worked closely together. It is the only bridge of its kind in France. This new technique could be improved railway bridges built in less time than the ponderous masonry stone arch structures from previous years.

Recently it was announced that there is a twin bridge in central China, also designed by Bodin. In April 2016 a Chinese delegation will visit 'our' bridge which may result in an interesting exchange of tourists. 

Entfernung : Abstand von Clapas 16 km
Reisezeit 23 min.

Adresse :
viaduc de Viaur
81190 TANUS